hajimete no sakura

Finished on March 08, 2022

An ode to spring! I wanted to capture the magic of experiencing the cherry blossoms in full bloom for the first time.


Finished on March 05, 2022

My original character Iris checking out the lens through which she's being viewed.


Finished on March 03, 2022

A piece of my newest character Iris-006, endearingly try to blow a strand of her hair up over her head.

Lotus Garden

Finished on February 25, 2022

A birthday piece for my character, Shui Lian.


Finished on February 16, 2022

Ninomae Inanis of Hololive EN painting in her studio surrounded by takodachis.

Madoka Set

Finished on January 28, 2022

A set of postcard designs featuring Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka, and Kyouko from Madoka Magica.


Finished on January 03, 2022

Kaname Madoka

Year of the Tiger

Finished on January 01, 2022

My cat character Tango ringing in the coming of the New Year.

Cozy Christmas

Finished on December 23, 2021

A warm and cozy Christmas piece featuring my mascot in big braids and a red sweater dress.

Huevember 2021

Finished on November 19, 2021

I participated in an art challenge called Huevember throughout November that focuses on using a different hue for each piece.

Halloween 2021

Finished on October 30, 2021

A Halloween-themed original piece featuring my mascot dressed in a maid-demon costume.

clover bounce

Finished on September 04, 2021

A piece I drew of my mascot to celebrate 20,000 followers on Twitter

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