Finished on April 24, 2024

Time taken: 7 hours

An intimate shot of Ubel from Frieren in a battle-ready stance.


Finished on April 02, 2024

Frieren, Fern and Stark sitting on a stone wall against a sky of raging storm clouds

Year of the Dragon 2024

Finished on February 18, 2024

My original character Shui Lian as a dragon in a baby blue angel rococo aesthetic

To New Beginnings

Finished on February 08, 2024

Dokibird turning to look at the viewer with windswept hair in soft blue and pink lighting.

Ruan Mei

Finished on February 03, 2024

Ruan Mei from Honkai Star Rail sitting on a softly lit bench in a flower garden holding a yellow blossom.


Finished on January 06, 2024

An experimental piece featuring my original character Shio brandishing her sword


Finished on November 11, 2023

A magazine cover styled piece featuring a bubbly Elira Pendora surrounded by pastel balloons.


Finished on November 03, 2023

A dark and glowy nighttime portrait of an adolescent Fern surrounded by butterflies.

Frieren and Fern

Finished on October 14, 2023

Frieren laying in the grass with a book lying open face-down on her stomach, blocking the sun from her eyes while Fern sits behind her admiring the view.

Peachybirb Start

Finished on September 30, 2023

Time taken: 12 hours

A commission piece featuring Vtuber Peachybirb falling through a city sky surrounded by clouds and bird


Finished on July 27, 2023

An original piece featuring a washed-up mermaid with white hair surrounded by harpoons and tangled up in rope.

Oshi no Ko

Finished on June 12, 2023

6 portraits of the main characters from Oshi no Ko

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