Oshi no Ko

Finished on June 12, 2023

6 portraits of the main characters from Oshi no Ko

Stage Selfie!

Finished on April 26, 2023

Bocchi, Kita, Ryo, and Nijika taking a selfie together on the stage at Starry.


Finished on January 31, 2023

An original piece featuring a bunny girl draped over a giant snowglobe in an attic filled with snow.

Cozy Bunny

Finished on January 12, 2023

A cozy original piece featuring a bunny girl sitting inside a warmly lit lodge with cold wintery scenery in the background.

Snow Bunny

Finished on January 07, 2023

A warm, original piece featuring a bunny girl outside in the snow.

Killua and Gon

Finished on December 07, 2022

Killua and Gon being BFFs as usual.


Finished on December 02, 2022

Kobeni from Chainsaw Man coyly holding a knife backed up against a blood-spattered wall.

End of Summer

Finished on September 09, 2022

And original birthday piece for my characte, Vivian.


Finished on June 16, 2022

Gawr Gura cozied up on a chair in a warmly-lit room playing the ukelele and singing to herself.

hajimete no sakura

Finished on March 08, 2022

An ode to spring! I wanted to capture the magic of experiencing the cherry blossoms in full bloom for the first time.


Finished on March 05, 2022

My original character Iris checking out the lens through which she's being viewed.


Finished on March 03, 2022

A piece of my newest character Iris-006, endearingly try to blow a strand of her hair up over her head.

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