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All personal commissions are currently closed. Please watch my Twitter account for updates regarding commission status. Thank you for choosing to support me and my work!


Do you have an idea of when your commissions will be open next?

Most likely not until February or March next year. Please allow me this time to get through my current work and rest. UPDATE: I have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus from individual commissions due to issues with my health.

Do you have a waitlist?

I do not.

Do you do both artwork and rigging for Live2D models?

Yes, I do both.

Do you do rigging-only commissions?

I would say yes, but I'm extremely picky about the artwork that I choose to rig.

Can you give me an estimate so that I know how much to save for a Live2D commission?

I'm planning to raise my prices if I open again in the future so I can't give any concrete numbers, but assume that a model will cost upwards of $3000 USD.