Re: Akane

Finished on October 10, 2018

Time taken: 10 hours

Commissioned artwork done for the Eternal album by Fokushi for the song


Finished on September 18, 2018

Time taken: 6.5 hours

A birthday drawing of Sakurauchi Riko from Love Live! Sunshine!! in her Koi ni Naritai Aquarium outfit.

Sailor Moon

Finished on September 14, 2018

Time taken: 21 hours

A set of artwork I created of the five main characters from Sailor Moon.

Explosion Aftercare

Finished on August 16, 2018

A commission featuring Kazuma and Megumin from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo, also known as God's Blessing on this Wonderful World.

Let's Race!

Finished on July 14, 2018

My tribute to the super cute anime featuring horse girls racing, singing, and doing their absolute best: Uma Musume Pretty Derby! I absolutely love the devotion that Special Week and Silence Suzuka share with each other in their friendship and wanted to draw them racing each other.


Finished on July 07, 2018

Time taken: 18 hours

A piece featuring Saber readying her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur. My very first tribute to the Fate series.


Finished on June 26, 2018

Time taken: 20 hours

The last painting from the floral original characters pieces featuring Kuri with freesia flowers.


Finished on June 18, 2018

Time taken: 12.5 hours

Another piece done for my floral OC series. Here's Shui Lian with the flower she's named after, lotus flowers (otherwise known as water lilies). A quiet and gentle soul, Shui Lian is represented well by the lotus, a symbol of purity, patience, and enlightenment. Being the most spiritual of my characters, Shui Lian believes in destiny and that there exists a certain ebb and flow to life that one must adapt to in order to live in content. The lotus is also a common symbol in Buddhism and reflects this spirituality.

Classroom Tea Party

Finished on June 18, 2018

A commission for Dan Salvato. This was sold as an exclusive poster within the best girl gift boxes at the official DDLC booth at Anime Expo.

Tokyo Mew Mew

Finished on June 06, 2018

Time taken: 24 hours

A set of mini prints I designed in honor of one of my favorite magical girl shows from my childhood, Mew Mew Power, known in Japan as Tokyo Mew Mew.


Finished on May 17, 2018

Time taken: 15 hours

The third painting in my floral series featuring my original character Shio with gladiolus. Gladiolus resemble swords, with their straight stems and sharp, upwards-pointing buds and leaves. They suit Shio well, as she is a righteous warrior with a burning passion for justice.

Darling in the Fashion

Finished on May 07, 2018

The female protagonists from the anime

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