Terms of Service

  1. All communication related to commissions must be made through commission forms, email, Discord’s direct messaging system, or Twitter’s direct messaging system. The client should refrain from sending commission-related messages through more than one platform.
  2. The client is responsible for providing clear and accurate image references and/or textual references.
  3. The artist reserves the right to refuse or cancel and refund an order at any time.
  4. Payment will only be accepted through Paypal. Commissions valued at less than $500 USD must be paid in full before the artist begins any work. For commissions valued equal to or over $500 USD, the artist will not begin work until at least half of the total commission price has been paid by the client (please refer to "Live2D Vtuber Model Terms of Service" below for exceptions to this). The artist will not deliver the finished product until the work has been fully paid for.
  5. Refund Policy: No refunds. In the case that the artist must cancel an order, the client will be fully refunded for any unfinished work.
  6. Revisions: The client is allowed 2 rounds of revisions per item, after that they will be charged hourly.
  7. Commissions are intended for personal use only. The client must not reproduce or distribute commissioned artwork for any other purpose than personal use (please refer to "Live2D Vtuber Model Terms of Service" below for exceptions to this). To inquire about work for commercial use, please email the artist directly at klaeia.art@gmail.com.
  8. The artist reserves the right to publicly display commissioned artwork in any way they wish. If the client wishes for a commission to be kept private, they must state such when ordering. Additional fees may apply.
  9. In the case of orders like Twitch emotes in which the guidelines of an outside service must be obeyed in order for the commissioned artwork to be used for its intended purpose, the client is responsible for ensuring that the artwork obeys the rules of the service. The artist takes no responsibility for emotes rejected by Twitch or any other commissioned artwork rejected by any other service or organization.

Live2D Vtuber Model Terms of Service

Please note that the terms listed below apply ONLY to Live2D Vtuber Model and Vtuber Character Design commissions.

  1. Rights: The client will receive full commercial rights to the artwork. This means that the client is free to profit from the artwork and/or design, such as through monetized streaming or merchandise sales.
  2. Edits: Models are not permitted to be edited or updated by others, with the exception of the texture atlas included in the model files. The artist will strive to prioritize requests from existing clients, but please be aware that availability is not always guaranteed.
  3. Testing: Testing and polishing the completed model will be a joint effort between the artist and client, as there may be minor errors that will be easier for fresh eyes to catch.
  4. Payment: Payment in installments is accepted, as long as the price for each milestone (art, finished model) is paid in full by its completion. Work will not be delivered to the client until it has been fully paid for.

Feel free to contact the artist directly through the methods listed below if you have any questions. Thank you!

Twitter: @_klaeia Email: klaeia.art@gmail.com